Hire of halls

Community halls

For information

Mrs Bodart


Send your request on unstamped paper to

Collège communal, Rue Dr Colson 1, 1430 REBECQ

(Last name, First name, Address, Telephone number... wishes to hire the hall.... on (date).... to organise the following activity...). 



Rebecq association

Rebecq individual

Non-Rebecq association

Non-Rebecq individual



150 €

250 €

400 €

500 €

125 €


200 €

300 €

450 €

550 €

150 €


100 €

150 €

250 €

350 €

100 €

The prices include cleaning and insurance.

All consumption will be invoiced after the event based on meter readings.

The deposit must be paid to the Secretarial office in cash.

Rebecq associations which are registered with the Town Hall can take advantage of free hire (two consecutive days) of a community hall of their choice (Wisbecq, Quenast or Petit Moulin) every year. Any second hire within the same year must be paid for.

Ancienne Gare [old station]

Hire of the premises is reserved for Rebecq associations, for the purpose of organising non-profit making activities. The hire is free (but a deposit of €50 must be paid). Each association can use the premises a maximum of ten times per year. Requests must be sent to the Town Board at least 15 days before the planned usage date.


The price of €100 /day covers hire and occupation costs (charges, cleaning).