Rebecq has 4 cemeteries: Rebecq, Bierghes, Quenast and Wisbecq.

Municipal regulations relating to funerals and burials/cremations can be consulted at the Town Hall (Population department/Registrar)

Here is a summary of prices of burial plots:

Burial plot: (Size : 2 m²) :    
1 body 500 euros 2.500 euros
4 urns 1000 euros 5.000 euros
Burial plot: (Size : 0,5 m²) :    
2 urns 500 euros 2.500 euros
3 urns 750 euros 3.750 euros
Columbarium (maximum of 2 urns) 500 euros 2.500 euros
Communal burial vault for 2 bodies 2.000 euros 10.000 euros

*The following are regarded as “Rebecquois” (citizens of Rebecq):

  • persons who have died or been found no longer alive within the municipality
  • persons who have died outside the municipality, but who lived there

The following persons are regarded as being equivalent to individuals living in the municipality:

  • someone who has lived in Rebecq for at least 20 years, or at least half of their life
  • someone who has lived in Rebecq and who left the municipality less than 10 years ago, after effectively living there for more than 5 years
  • stillborn babies or foetuses, where at least one of the parents lives in the municipality.

In view of the complexity of this issue, we recommend that you contact the department for further explanations.


  Mrs Muriel BREDA