Declaration of death

A death is declared to the Town Hall of the place of death by a witness (generally the undertaker appointed by the family), who must present the following documents:

  • Model III C drawn up by a doctor
  • The deceased person’s identity card
  • The deceased person’s marriage book (carnet de mariage) (unless he or she was single)
  • The deceased person’s passport
  • The deceased person’s driving licence
  • The identity card of the person making the declaration

If the person is to be buried in a different town to the town of death, the town of burial must issue an acceptance of the body or ashes.

In the case of cremation, the town of death must request a visit by a verifying doctor appointed by the Registrar.

Certified copies or extracts from a death certificate can be obtained from the Town Hall of the place of death or the place of residence.

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