Declaration of cohabitation

A legal declaration of cohabitation is made in front of the Registrar of the joint place of residence. Both parties must come to the Town Hall together, bringing their identity cards. The declaration is recorded immediately.

Mandatory conditions:

  • they must not be married.
  • they must not be bound by another legal cohabitation.
  • they must live at the same address.
  • they must wish to legally cohabit.

An advance agreement can be made in front of a notary. This will then be recorded in the population register when the declaration of legal cohabitation is made.

Legal cohabitation ends:

  • if one of the parties dies.
  • if one of the parties marries.
  • by means of a jointly agreed declaration.
  • by means of a unilateral declaration (notification by a bailiff to the other party – the costs being borne by the requester).
  • under a court ruling.

For further information about legal matters, we recommend that you contact a notary.


Monsieur Patrick LEHEU