Other population procedures

  • authentication of signatures: you must sign the document to be authenticated in our presence (you will need your identity card).
  • certified copies: bring the original document and a photocopy to the Town Hall (a photocopy can be provided by the Town Hall for €0.15).
  • extracts from the population register (composition of households, residency certificates, certificates of existence, certificates of nationality, etc.) are issued to individuals from their own records for a fee of €2.50 (except exemption of stamp duty). To obtain a document for someone else, you will need to complete a form specifying the procedure for which the document is requested.
  • declarations of animal slaughter.
  • militia certificates.
  • the “Foreign Nationals” department (issue of registration certificates, provisional cards, - letters and contacts with the Foreign Nationals department – landing applications). In view of the complexity of this area, we advise you to visit the Population department with all the necessary documents to allow us to examine your file together. For information relating specifically to the “Foreign Nationals” department, you can also contact Mr Eric Paduwat on 067/79.45.56


Population department