Declaration of profession

Although the identity card no longer states the holder’s profession, this information is still required for the population registers.

From the age of 18, to ensure the accuracy of these registers, you must inform the Population department of your local Town Hall of any change in your profession (the main activity that funds your existence), as well as the date of the change.

This information must also include your employment status (employee, self-employed, retired, student). Please note that a qualification is not the same as a profession (e.g. bachelor’s degree in law).

In the case of professions with a legally protected title (lawyer, doctor, architect, accountant, etc.), the Town Hall is required to request an official document certifying that you are authorised to carry out these professional activities.

Finally, please note the following specific rules:

  • if you have never carried out any trade or profession, you will be recorded as “of no profession”.
  • the statement of a profession in the register applies to individuals aged 18 or over. If you are still in education, you can ask to be registered as a “student”, provided you are in a full-time course of study and present a certificate from the head of your place of study.
  • if you are unemployed, your last professional title will be recorded in the registers. If you have never practised a profession, please refer to the above point.

For further information, please contact the Population department.


Population department