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You can also contact us by email, telephone or fax:

General Administration of Rebecq

Rue Dr Colson 1 -1430 Rebecq 

+32 (0)67/28.78.11

+32 (0)67/28.78.08

Useful numbers

Your Town Hall 067/28.78.11

Your CPAS 067/67.04.59

Rebecq Police Station 067/63.82.13

The West Brabant Walloon police area 02/367.27.00

IBW (rubbish collection) 0800/49.057

Emergency medical service/Fire brigade  112

Burns centre  02/268.62.00

Anti-poison centre  070/245.245

Child line 103

Suicide prevention centre   0800/32.123

Help line for young people   078/15.44.22

AIDS information   02/511.45.29

Drug information   02/227.52.52

Cancerphone  0800/15.800

Standby pharmacy: