Twin town

Since 2002, Rebecq has been twinned with the Italian village of Monghidoro, situated in the Emilie-Romagne mountains, halfway between Bologna and Florence.

This choice of twin town wasn’t down to chance: from 1946 onwards, many Italians from Monghidoro have come to work in Quenast’s porphyry quarries. Over time, many of them have settled here, raising families and integrating into the local population. Almost fifty years after the first arrivals, an association was set up to promote the friendly links between Monghidoro and Rebecq and to organise cultural and festive exchanges: this organisation is called the Comité des Amis de Monghidoro [Committee of Friends of Monghidoro].

A website devoted to the twinning went online in 2005, providing comprehensive information about the history of the friendly and working ties between the two villages. A forum is also available.