The Town Board

This consists of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayors and the President of the C.P.A.S.

The Town Board manages the day-to-day running of the local area and enforces the decisions taken by the Town Council. Its main responsibilities include: enforcing laws and decrees issued by other levels of power, administering the town’s properties and community buildings, managing revenue, organising expenditure and monitoring accounts, managing community work, issuing building and subdivision permits, maintaining paths and water courses, maintaining the civil registers.

The Deputy Mayors are selected from among the Town Councillors after the elections and are assigned to different areas.

These assignments are optional, since the law does not confer any specific authority on the Deputy Mayor but on the Board as a whole. The role of a Deputy Mayor is therefore to prepare, present and manage the decisions made at Board level. Each Deputy Mayor can also submit projects to the Board, depending on his or her assignments.


Members of the Board:

Dimitri LEGASSE (AC) - Mayor

Patricia VENTURELLI (AC) - Deputy Mayor

Axel DEMOL (MR) - Deputy Mayor

Jean Paul DENIMAL (AC) - Deputy Mayor

Hervé MEERSSCHAUT (MR) - Deputy Mayor

Léon KYQUEMBERG (AC) - Deputy Mayor

Philippe HAUTERS (MR) - Deputy Mayor

Sophie KEYMOLEN (MR) - President of the CPAS