Agence Locale pour l'Emploi [Local Employment Agency]

Rue des Sauniers, 8 - 1430 Rebecq

067 / 63.82.58

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 Tuesday and Thursday : 8.30 am to 12 pm

Wednesday morning : by appointment


The ALE offers jobseekers an opportunity to earn additional income on top of their unemployment or social integration benefits, by carrying out work in the local area for individuals, local authorities, schools and non-commercial associations.

The following individuals are automatically registered with the ALE:

  • anyone who has been looking for work for two years or more
  • any jobseeker aged 45 or over, who has been out of work for more than 6 months

Individuals who receive integration income (formerly the minimex – minimum subsistence allowance) can register voluntarily with their local ALE.

The ALE invites the jobseeker to attend a personal meeting to explain how the system works. The ALE can then determine the individual’s interest in this type of service, and allow the jobseeker to indicate a preference for a particular type of activity. Every month, individuals registered with the ALE receive a service form proving that they are eligible to carry out activities in connection with the ALE. Without this form, they are not authorised to work.

There are two methods of obtaining work under this system: either the person, the organisation or the institution that is looking for help knows a jobseeker. In this case, the jobseeker can then agree to carry out the work directly. Or the ALE suggests an activity that is in line with the jobseeker’s abilities and experience.

The number of working hours for ALE activities is limited to 45 hours a month (except in the agricultural and horticultural sector where the restriction is increased to 150 hours per calendar month, provided that the annual ceiling of 630 hours is respected).

The ALE in each municipality draws up a list of activities that can be carried out. The ALE is responsible for deciding whether a specific request should be accepted. Examples of activities include:

For individuals:

  • Assistance at home: minor repairs, small painting jobs that do not require professional painters.
  • Assistance for children, ill people: child care, looking after children before and after school, remedial lessons, caring for ill or disabled people, accompanying individuals to the doctor or helping with shopping.
  • Administrative assistance: assistance completing forms, accompanying people to the local authorities, for example.
  • Assistance with gardening: mowing the lawn, cutting hedges, weeding flowerbeds, digging, sweeping up leaves and clearing snow.

For local authorities

Clearing up after storms or disasters, seasonal work to improve the environment, enhancing the environment, controlling traffic around schools, cleaning up run-down districts, distributing meals, occasional help in community libraries, assistance at fairs, street markets and markets, helping to integrate young people and foreign nationals.

For non-profit making associations and other non-commercial associations

Administrative assistance at special events, training activities for associations, accompanying and supervising holiday activities for young people, supervising leisure or sporting activities, maintenance work and small organisational tasks.

For educational establishments

Looking after or supervising children during leisure time, events and extracurricular activities, accompanying children to remedial lessons, supervising children before and after school, accompanying schoolchildren to bus stops, controlling traffic around schools, administrative help at special activities, assistance at various events.

The user of the ALE services

To enlist the ALE’s help with certain tasks, you need to ask your local ALE for a “User form”. You can then use this form to describe the tasks you wish to be carried out. Registration to obtain the authorisation number entitling you to assistance is valid for one year and costs €7 in Rebecq. If you know a person who is able and willing to carry out the work, and who is registered with the ALE, you can ask this person to carry out the work. If you do not know any ALE worker, the ALE will search for the most appropriate individual.

At the end of the work (for occasional activities) or at the end of the calendar month (for regular activities), you will issue the ALE worker with an ALE cheque for each hour worked (any partial hour is counted as a full hour of work). In Rebecq, unnamed cheques have a face value of €5.95 and those made out in a specific name have a value of €6.45 which is deductible from contributions (new rates since 01/01/2009). ALE cheques must be ordered from


rue Hermann Debroux, 54/ b5 - 1160 Bruxelles



Account no: 096-5140212-09

ALE cheques

To order these cheques, simply send your bank a duly completed transfer form for an amount that must always be a multiple of €6.45 (minimum of €64.50), specifying the 12 digits of the authorisation number shown in your registration form. The issuing company will send your ALE cheques around ten days after your account has been debited or credited.

These ALE cheques are valid for one year from their issue date. However, you can extend their validity or request a refund according to certain conditions (contact the ALE for details).

For the individual, the sums paid in the form of ALE cheques entitle you to a tax reduction. The deductible amount cannot exceed €2,360 per year (2008 financial year) or €2,400 per year (2009 financial year). This tax reduction is calculated on the average tax rate of between 30% and 40%.

A business can record this expenditure in its costs.

The ALE worker receives €4.10 per cheque/hour, whatever the face value of the cheque. He or she can work for a maximum of 45 hours/month, i.e. he or she can receive additional income of €184.50.

In Rebecq, the worker’s transport costs are covered by the ALE if he or she is travelling within the municipality.


The ALE worker retains all of his or her unemployment benefits. He or she receives an additional €4.10 per hour for the services provided. In other words, someone who works 45 hours a month will earn €184.50 (not subject to tax) in addition to their unemployment benefit.

Payment is made on completion of the work, at the latest at the end of the month. The worker receives an ALE cheque for each hour worked from the person or organisation for which he or she performed the work. The ALE worker submits these cheques along with his or her time card and service form to the relevant payment body (syndicate or caisse auxiliaire de paiement des allocations de chômage [CAPAC]). This body then pays the ALE worker the cheques along with his or her unemployment benefit.


An ALE worker retains his or her unemployed status. He or she also retains all health rights, rights to family benefits, pension, etc.

General regulations governing working hours, Sunday rest, night work, safety also apply. He or she is insured against industrial accidents and any accidents travelling to work. If the ALE worker causes any damage in the course of the work, the ALE’s insurance policy covers his or her civil liability.

In the case of long-term unemployment, please note that the hours worked for the ALE are considered in the case of suspension of unemployment benefit if unemployment lasts for too long a period.